What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a general term that refers to talking therapy with a psychiatrist, psychotherapist or psychologist to treat mental and emotional health problems. Psychotherapy is also called talk therapy. In the process of psychotherapy, the individual learns about his or her own situation, mood, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Psychotherapy helps the individual learn how to take control of their life and respond to challenging situations with healthy coping skills. There are many different types of psychotherapy, each with its own approach. The right type of psychotherapy for an individual depends on their personal situation.

Psychotherapy can help treat many different mental health problems: Mental health problems that psychotherapy can help with include obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias, anxiety disorders such as panic disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder, and addictions such as alcoholism, drug addiction or compulsive gambling, eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, sexual problems, personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder or dependent personality disorder, mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder, and psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia or other disorders that cause a detachment from reality.

We expect the person seeking psychotherapy support to realize that there is something wrong in their life and to be open to change. Most of the time, the desire of clients who apply for individual counseling is to feel good. While this is a very natural desire, it is not compatible with the process of counseling. Clients who come to psychotherapy feel bad after every change in their lives. The reason for this is that the brain has a comfort zone. It always wants to do the same things, it always wants to walk the same way, it always wants to sit on the same sofa even at home. Therefore, in the process of psychotherapy, the person encounters natural emotions such as anxiety, fear and worry brought about by the unknown with every change they make in their lives. Although this process is temporary, it is often incompatible with the person’s expectations in counseling.

What are the Types of Psychotherapy?

There are many types and techniques of psychotherapy that are scientifically and medically proven to be effective. Some types of psychotherapy work better than others in treating certain disorders and conditions. Therapists use a combination of these techniques in many cases. The therapist takes into account the individual’s specific situation and preferences to determine which approach may be the best and most effective. Psychotherapy is offered in different formats, such as individual, couple, family or group therapy sessions. Psychotherapy has been shown to be effective for all age groups.

In general, psychotherapy does not involve many risks. However, in the process of psychotherapy, individuals sometimes discover painful feelings and experiences and may therefore feel emotionally uncomfortable. However, any risk is minimized by working with a skilled therapist who can match the type and intensity of therapy to the needs of the individual. The coping skills the individual learns during the therapy process can help them manage and overcome negative emotions and fears.

Providing psychotherapy services in Antalya, ARO supports its clients through both one-to-one face-to-face meetings and online applications. In addition to individual and group therapies, it also provides services with structured personality development studies. It offers psychotherapy and psychological counseling to clients from Antalya and around the world. Dr. Murat Kemaloğlu, who is fluent in German and English, has been working in Antalya for more than 30 years.